awards day

An hour and a half later I was left with a numb ass, Danny’s knees crackling like Pop Rocks, my mother-in-law wishing she brought her book to read, and a growing need for carbs to help me navigate through the feels of what I just sat through while on a flimsy folding chair. 

braving seen

I debated hard and long in sharing all of this. But letting truths be liberated no matter the vehicle that moves the story is choosing courage over fear. For way too long I have chosen fear over courage. I’m kinda over it. And I can’t help but to remember “love rewards the brave.” Always and ever.

from the void

Sometimes I feel like an impostor out here because I’m showing up from my simple, from my empty, from my joy, from my overwhelm, from my questions, from my love, from my I don’t knows, and from my give damns. Which isn't exactly how most show up out here. But comparision is a life suck I don't have time for. 

ladyballs, engaged

After giving me the biggest hug and driving off into the sunset towards her new adventures on the West Coast, I sat in my office with her piles of papers and binders on my desk realizing a few things about my year and a half dive into all the new-to-me office vibes.

soul seen

How often do we ladies avoid looking at our own bodacious naked body in the mirror? Choosing to expose yourself to yourself is some of the most courageous ground to take root and rise from.