Hello, you!

I'm Karen - a thirty-something living in the ever expanding city of Greenville, South Carolina.

Art, gritty community, alll the music, Diet Coke, books, design so good it makes you do the "Big O", Autumn, Jane Eyre, 100% cotton, Pinterest, a map of desires, and brown paper packages tied up with strings are a few of my favorites.

Life is lived with Sinatra, Patsy Cline, Stevie Wonder, Ella, ABBA, Spice Girls, and Beyonce as part of the soundtrack. Because life should have a soundtrack involving vinyl and an iPhone.

Madly Entangled since 1999 to the fine man who willingly runs out to grab my "shark week" supplies, partners with me in the everyday crazy of life, knows what Netflix movie to que up without asking, and adores all my many (many) curvaceous bits - including the assorted crinkles of my bodacious brain. He's also the man who can handle my well-pronounced f-bombs without wearing a cup - regardless if the bombs are for him or about life in general. 

Together we have two wild and witty neurodiverse boys who drive us to laugh, cry, and occasionally drink late at night. (Me? An Olivia Pope sized wine glass of Moscato. Him? Guinness.) Each day they give us the adventure of looking at life through the lens of ADD, APD, and Autism.

You will find I hold a fierce love for people - the wannabe perfectionists, the celebrated, the labeled "fuck-ups", the accepted, the rejected, and all the ones in between. Because humans are way too glorious to be used as punching bags for gross sweat to land on. 

Now go grab yourself an artisan taco (or a Gerard Butler) for reading through all of that.

You deserve it.