Consider yourself given all the well-deserved warm hellos while I hand you a drink and some chocolate cake on the finest of paper products.

As simply a writer ordinaire, I use some creative mojo to share my shine, my shit, and all the things in between.

The intention? To liberate truth, to get joy lit, and to have the soul known.

I could prattle on about being a wife, a mother, an ex-cult kid, an ex-devotee to religion, an ex-founder, an ex-entrepreneur, and a woman learning to be known by herself after quite an assortment of so many exes.

But I don’t want to scare you off with those storied details bombarding your social spaces all at once. It's quite a bit to read through - just as it was/is quite a bit to live through.

This is your cordial invitation to leisurely browse through my collection of life lived with the assistance of carbs and the language of sailors.